Egypt is in the North-east angle of the African continent and encroaches on
Asia in the Sinai Peninsula. The population is 63 million .

Arabic is the spoken language in Egypt. However , tourists will rarely find a problem
In communication as the most common foreign languages spoken by Egyptians
are English with the French a close second , perhaps also German and Italian .

The Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 piastres. For your guidance on rate exchange
Please refer to any of the official stated rates of exchange at any bank.

It is allowed to import and export any amount in foreign currency.

Two hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time and three hours for
Summer time which starts from the last Friday in April to the
lasts from the last Friday in April to the last Friday in September.

Electrical current throughout Egypt is 220 volts take the standard continental
European round -pronged plug. Plug adaptors and current converters as well as
As dual voltage appliances can be bought at home .

Egyptian Consulates and Immigration Authorities at port of entry will
Grant entry visas . A transit visa is transit visa is sufficient for a stay of
A stay of less than 7 days.
For up-to -date information it is essential that enquiries be made prior to
Travel. Passports should be valid for at least six months from the date of
Entry into Egypt .

A declaration form is available ,for articles of value (jewelry, video cameras, etc.)
and is required for exportation.

The Northen Coast and part of the Delta area is affected by the Mediterranean
Climate zone while subtropical

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