i am doing a biiiiiig research project in school. and we recently went to the art museum. after we got back, we had to choose a section of ancient civilization. so therefor i chose ancient egypt.

but i wanted to know what ancient egypt‘s time period was. because i cant seem to find it.
i also wanted to know what agriculture means and what it is. and what is ancient egypt’s agriculture?
i cant find that either.
thank you soooo much!!

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ancient Egypt?
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  • August 28, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    You will find a very good time line of the ancient Egyptian civilisation at
    This website is a project of a colleague of mine and I can vouch for the accuracy and detail of the information given on it.
    Regarding agriculture in ancient Egypt, ancient Egypt was founded as an agrarian civilisation by people who had previously been nomadic hunter gatherers.
    The area of the delta region in Egypt’s north, where the Nile river branches into tributaries before entering the Mediterranean known to the ancient Egyptians as the Great Green made conditions perfect for the development of a civilisation that grew corps and harvested them. This is an agrarian culture or in other words, a culture based on agriculture..
    From these beginnings the greatness of ancient Egypt was founded. But it was the annual inundation or flooding of the Nile river, bringing with it a black mineral rich loam that made the conditions for growing abundant harvests so ideal.
    The ancient Egyptians realised the importance of the Niles unique flood pattern and called themselves "The People of Kemit," or the people of the black land after the rich black soil that lay on the surface of the flood plains after each yearly inundation.

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