I am planning a trip to Egypt and I have a specific idea of what I wish to do. But I cannot find any information of the sort of details I want. I want to take a boat down the nile, not a cruise, and I wish to visit pyramids while doing so. I am willing to do thing no matter the time frame. I was thinking of Camping out instead of staying at a hotel and When I visit said pyramids I wish to go inside and explore. Does anyone have any sites that offers thing sort of thing, or has information on it? Or even a site with information on something similar?

Egypt Expedition down the Nile?
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One thought on “Egypt Expedition down the Nile?

  • October 13, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Hmm .. Thats pretty unusual here. and Pretty much Unsafe too. Its not advised to camp outside the community . Change your Plan to something more convenient and group the sites you wish to visit. Stay your Nights at cheap normal hotels instead of the 5 star ones.
    Going inside the Pyramid : Yes you can do that. They do even have a guide for it.
    BE SAFE.

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