You Can Find Fantastic Bargains for Egypt Nile Cruises Online

Deals and information on Egypt Nile Cruises are just a click away thanks to the Internet! Demand for cruising down the Nile remains strong today. And who wouldn’t want to drift down a portion of the longest river in the world? Most of Ancient Egyptian civilization grew around the Nile. It provided an excellent source of both water and fertile soil.

Floating down the river that gave birth to one of the greatest civilizations of human history can be exhilarating. Modern air travel shunts tourists from one major point to another, adding excess stress to a vacation. Egypt Nile Cruises allow visitors to unpack their bags and simply relax. Visitors are never far from their rooms on a cruise should the strong Egyptian sun overtake them. Cruises down the Nile can also take visitors to a more rural, less tourist-driven Egypt for a more authentic cultural experience.

Egypt Nile cruises can vary in length considerably, but visitors can find three-, four-, or seven-night cruises. The Nile cruisers typically qualify as floating hotels. A few of the boats could even be compared to land-based lodgings, with swimming pools, nightclubs, hot tubs, and stores. Private baths, televisions, air conditioning and live entertainment are all on board. Some cruisers even offer suites.

Floating down the Nile, visitors can see 5,000 years of human history. They will be able to visit sites like the Esna Temple, the Temple of Edfu, and the Temple of Kom Ombo. There’s also a lot to see at the departure cities, like the High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, or the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

It only takes a web search to find Egypt Nile cruises. There are plenty of results, but one of the most appealing is Sonesta Nile Cruises. Sonesta has a fleet of cruisers making trips between Aswan and Luxor, anywhere from three to seven nights. Rates for the cruises run around $250 a night, but diligent researchers might come across a few discounts online. Check the Sonesta’s website for deals and to make reservations on the web.

Knowing what to expect on a Nile cruise is vital. Different cruises can offer vastly different experiences. Luckily, the Internet can provide help with that, too! Ask-Aladdin is a great resource for Egypt traveling tips. It provides a section devoted solely to Nile cruises. The tips list covers everything, from how to choose a cabin to likely stops along the way based on cruise length. Food, night life, Ask-Aladdin even gives tips on tipping the staff!

Tourists don’t have to break the bank to travel the Nile, either. There are plenty of deals out there waiting to be had. There are websites that collect a ton of those deals in one convenient place. and both have a wide variety of Egypt Nile cruise deals and packages. There are cruise lengths to accommodate any schedule and rates that won’t empty your bank account. Package rates usually run between $500 and $900. Be sure to check often to keep up with the newest deals!

Egypt Nile cruises can bring to life the majesty of Egypt. With so many bargains available, such a once-in-a-lifetime experience doesn’t have to remain a dream.


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