Egypt Tours Give Visitors the Best Travel Value

Tourists that want to get the best value for their investment should seriously consider Egypt travel and tours. Dozens of tours are available, but travelers should be meticulous about doing research in order to get the best prices. Visitors should talk directly with their tour companies, especially about possible discounts, as well as hidden costs, handling tips and taxes, a flexible itinerary and additional side trips.

Traveling around Egypt with a tour has its pros and cons. Among the advantages, tours are often much cheaper that traveling on your own, and frequently include airfare. A tour can fit in more attractions in less time, and traveling with a group provides more safety, especially for first-time visitors. Tours also are staffed by guides who speak several languages and can explain the sights. However, a tour is less flexible, and guides working on commission often deposit their tours at certain local vendors whose wares may not interest all visitors. Tours also tend to pack lots of sights into short time periods, leaving few rest periods.

Seasoned travelers have learned how to have the best of both worlds. They arrive a few a days before their tour starts to get adjusted to Egyptian time and climate. Travelers may also book a tour for a portion of their visit, and then travel independently, a plan that many regular travelers follow. Following are some tours that have been recommended for their itineraries, cost and the honesty of the tour operators. Remember that prices for these tours may change without notice.

With 7 to 15 days available:

“Classic Egypt Tour” from Egypt Uncovered, a 9- or 10-day tour covers the basic sights including Cairo, Pyramids, Aswan, and Luxor. Transportation is by train and traditional felucca. Prices start at $550 per person, land only.

“A Taste of Egypt,” 11-day tour includes Nile Cruise, Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria. $730 per person, land only.

“Ramses Adventure” from Egypt Magic, an 11-day luxury tour of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel, includes deluxe everything: accommodations, cruise, private cars and an Egyptologist guide, for $2,753 per person, land only.

“Egyptian Highlights” from A-Z Tours, 15-day tour includes Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Nile Cruise and Hurghada. $1,840 per person, land only.

With two to four weeks available:

“Egypt in Depth” from A-Z Tours spends 27 days covering all the major Egyptian sights accompanied by qualified Egyptologists, for $3,197 per person, land only.

“The Best of Upper and Lower Egypt” from Egypt Tours and Travel, a deluxe 18-day package including two cruises, one on Lake Nasser and one down the Nile, plus several days in Cairo, a visit to Abu Simbel and back down the Nile to Luxor. $6,987 including flights from New York, domestic flights within Egypt, hotels, cruises and entrance fees.

“Dunes and Tombs” from On the Go Tours offers a 17-day tour of Egypt that includes treks through the desert in 4-by-4 cars, snorkeling in the Red Sea and a sail down the Nile. Price starts at $1,620 per person, land only.

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