Has anyone been on the "Egypt with 3 Day Nile Cruise" tour? Is it possible to just get the land tour?

Was it pricey?
Is it safe?
Any good advices?

Thank you so much!

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Egypt with 3 Day Nile Cruise?
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One thought on “Egypt with 3 Day Nile Cruise?

  • September 15, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    The normal cruise for three days would be something like 1 night in luxor, seeing the valley of the kings and maybe Karnak temple. then a night in Edfu, with a visit to Edfu temple and finally a night in Aswan with a visit en route to Kom Ombo and a visit to Philae temple in aswan.
    Yes you could do this in a land tour but if you arranged a taxi to take you to Aswan and arranged a stop over in Edfu en route, i do not think it would be easy to include a stop at Kom Ombo as well.The trip takes around a day from Luxor to aswan. I am not sure if staying in Edfu overnight would be possible as i am not aware of any tourist hotels as most visit by boat.the cost of a taxi would be quite reasonable from luxor to Aswan, but of course you would also need to include ticket prices and hotels at each end. What you would miss out on would be a guide. and the lovely experience of cruising up the Nile. I have travelled to Edfu by taxi form Luxor it took about 90 mins to 2 hours. but i then returned to |Luxor. However many others carried on to Aswan around 4 more hours i believe.Yes its safe, until recently tourists were only allowed to travel in convoy. this restriction has now been lifted. Advice, carry tissues and anti bacterial hand wash, high factor suncream and an excellent guide book. Bargain with your taxi driver and make sure the price is in egyptian pounds, and make sure that he understands exactly what you want.

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