Okay, today i suggested to my parents going on vacation to Egypt next year. I proposed that my friend who lives in England, along with her parents, could come along with. My father, said we may be able to, but that he is concerned about our safety because of all the news that’s happening in the Middle East, and also some parts of Africa. So I was wondering how safe it would be to go to Egypt and do all the touristy things there.

Is Egypt a safe place for a vacation?
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One thought on “Is Egypt a safe place for a vacation?

  • September 19, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Your father is mistaken . Because Egypt is literally the safest place in Africa and middle east . Simply because it has no wars , no civil wars , no high crime rates , etc .. Plus Egypt has lots of wonderful places to visit ( the pyramids for example ) , and luxurious hotels to stay in , and beautiful beaches on the coast of the red sea , the most pure – watered and beautiful sea in the whole world , plus Egyptian people are kind and nice to foreigners .

    Good luck .

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