The late 19th century aristocracy of Europe would delight in cruising along the ancient splendours of the Nile Valley in their private dahabiyyas, beautifully crafted wooden sailing vessels that presented the might of the Pharaohs from the vantage point of elegant convenience. At Bales we have recreated those halcyon days. Travelling with a small select group, you can witness the ancient treasures of Egypt up close and in a manner thought lost forever by discerning travellers. Avoiding the usual crowds and boats you have the advantage of an expert guide on hand to enlighten you along the way, little wonder then that this is Bales best selling itinerary. Completing the entire journey between Luxor and Aswan (or visa versa) by boat also provides the opportunity to truly relax, with 7 nights onboard to fully appreciate this classic journey.

Nostalgic Nile Cruise
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  • July 16, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    that looks splendid!

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