Hey. I’m from UK and I’m going to Egypt in September this year (2010) for 11 days. (8hr flight, geez!). I’ll be staying in Sharm El Sheik. Hopefully i’ll be getting an excursion to Cairo & Luxor too. And my holiday is an all-inclusive.

And i was wondering what kind of clothes do you wear when visiting the pyramids? etc.
But i’ve just read some Yahoo Answers there, where it says you cant wear too revealing clothes, etc! I’ve got like 9 vest tops in my suitcase and about 5 bikinis! Not one t-shirt, or a set of trousers are packed! Soo, is this true, should u wear long shorts, jeans, trousers, long sleeved tops to the desert?
And whats the best kind of shoes to wear? trainers, flat sandles, pumps?

Also, does anyone know the best way to book an excursion deal? Should it be with a travel agent? Or online? I found a great one online. But i’m a little paranoid about booking things online.

I’ve been told Egyptians like UK money. So if i ever need to tip, should i tip with £’s or their own kind of money?

And how much spending money should i take, if i’m not planning to go out of hotel much (keeping in mind the holiday is all-inclusive)? My bf is only going to take £100, but i think that’s way too little.

Plz try to answer as much questions as u can!

No we’ve already got our money for the excursions, thats £300 each. So the £100 my bf was planning on taking, that wasnt spending money AND excursion money, just spending money. And i don’t even own a long sleeved t-shirt. So i’ll just take some regualr t-shirts, with capri pants. That ok?

Questions About EGYPT?
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  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    You know it’s quite a long way to Luxor? It took me all day on the train from Cairo. It’s really worth a visit if you can get there, but I’d guess you’d have to fly to be able to do it in a day and get back to your hotel. Even Cairo is a one hour flight from Sharm. You’d definitely need more than £100 to do all that!

    People do touristy stuff like lying in the sun and snorkelling in Sharm, so of course it’s ok to wear the stuff you’ve packed in around your hotel. But you should cover up a bit when you are away from the hotel if you do go to Cairo etc. So take some long cotton skirts and scarves, and try to wear something over your arms too. Yes, I covered up in the desert! Going inside a pyramid is pretty hot, and Luxor is hotter too, but you just have to respect the local customs. To them, if you walk around in shorts and a tight T shirt, it’s like walking around naked here. Sandals and trainers are fine, no problem with your footwear.

    When I went, I booked trips myself when I got there. In Cairo you will have a lot of trouble with beggars, you have to ignore them totally. If you really want to tip, then do it in the currency you are paying already.

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    What you take partially depends on the time of year going- obviously some months are hotter than others. We went in November and it was still pretty hot!

    I don’t remember there being any restrictions with clothing when going to the pyramids, but we rode up there on camels so had to wear some clothes to prevent chaffing (lol). I will tell you this though- I thought pyramids- sun never does inside them, will probably be a bit like going in a church which is always cold- it wasn’t! It was really stuffy inside the pyramids.

    I have just remembered that when we went to a mosque I obviously covered up, but they provided cloaks for women to wear to make sure they were fully covered- I’m sure if they were worried about covering up in the pyramids then they would provide cloaks. Also the pyramids have nothing to do with Islam, and the covering up is an Islamic tradition.

    Your hotel will probably be able to book excursions for you but check with them before you go, otherwise I would book through a travel agent. If you do book online then use a credit card because at least then you have some protection.

    I don’t remember how much money we needed, but I remember that most of the workers make their money though tipping. You don’t have to tip much but it will be frequent- there are people who will hand towels to you in restaurant bathrooms etc. I also remember one guy who’s only job seemed to be to unlock a gate when a tourist wanted to see something and he got tipped everytime he did this.

    Hope that helps.

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    when in Egypt best to wear jeans t shirt is fine as long not to revealing a hat is advisable to wear something like a sun hat will do also pair of sandals is good to take with you and a light jacket is advisable as can get a little chilly when sun has gone down take plenty of sunscreen I would recommend factor 40 as far as money is concerned £100 is not enough you will have to pay about £10 when you arrive for your visa this is just routine nothing to worry about , also NEVER pay the asking price for anything out there not even for a taxi always haggle otherwise you will end up paying for everything through the nose Luxor and Cairo are good places to go I have been to both was in Luxor over Christmas and New Year I would say take about £300 to £500 with you if you want to really enjoy your Holiday you can book excursions with the local travel agents but make sure first that they are fully insured don’t be afraid to ask them if they are they will tell you happily you will get about 8 Egyptian pounds to 1 British

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    ok about the cloth you don’t have to cover yourself like head to toe but in the same time don’t wear like very opened stuff like in sharm el sheik it is ok wear watever you want coz there everyone will be like dressed like u coz alote of Europeans go there so it is ok but in Cairo and Luxor no way watch your self you shoudl wear like jeans and i think vest t shirts are fine but make sure like you dont show your tummy or like your ( boobs) sorry lol are showing out and iam not sure about the booking an excursion deal and about the money not thats tooo little you should get more coz in egypt and in some other countries they charge for visitors more like if the water bottle is 1$ the man in the shop can tell u it is 5$ stuff like that but it is a very nicee country but cairo is soo full of ppl and hot try going to Alexandria (my city) it is soo coll there there is a very ncie beach and at night there are wind very nice wind if u stand there and the wind hits your face good luck on your trip.

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    So you were planing to go to the pyramids just wearing a bikini? Of course you have to wear trousers/jeans and a t-shirt not long sleeves though..

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    To visit the pyramids you can wear short & vest tshirt, & mostly whatever you like in Sharm; but when visiting religious places you must cover up, that’s men & women. My advice, no matter where you are…No bikinis in the streets…asking for trouble. Do take a long sleeved shirt though, cotton if you can, you may need it to save you from burning, it’s extremely hot this time of year.
    I used to wear open toed sandals, flats, trainers can be too hot. (but not fashion sandals, walking sandals).
    Book your excursions through the tour Rep, or the hotel.
    Tip in Egyptian pounds, it’s easier for the locals, & very expensive if you tip in Stirling as you cant give less than £1, which works out about 8LE.
    As to how much to take, £100 will not be enough, that wouldnt cover all the trips. It’s been a couple of years since i went, so things will have gone up, so i dont know what to say here.

    My biggest tip to you = Make sure you drink plenty of water & dont have the aircon too cold. Lot’s of people get ill because they forget to drink water & your normal intake will not be enough. With the aircon, that also can make you ill, going from the extreme heat to freezing cold, set it about 25c, that should enable you to cool down & it wont be too bad when you go out.

    Anyway….have a good time, i’m sure you will.

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Ok for bikinis, you can only wear it at the beach in Sharm, or if your hotel in Cairo or Luxor has a swimming pool, you can wear it there too. Of course you cannot wear bikini in the street or pyramids.

    When out of your hotel, you don’t have to wear very long shorts or pants or long sleeves, but you should bring some short-sleeved (or even cut, not a big problem) t-shirts with you. I don’t know what’s a vest top. You can also wear regular shorts (but not mini mini)

    Shoes doesn’t matter, you can wear trainers, sandals, flipflops, but I would advise when visiting the pyramids or in the desert, don’t wear high heels.

    Well when tipping, I hear they like foreign money, but I don’t know, I’m Egyptian so I always use Egyptian money.

    100 UK pounds yeah it’s not enough. Even if you don’t plan on spending anything, just bring more just in case.

  • November 4, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Don’t wear too revealing clothes . And when you go to the pyramids wear a hat , and i don’t recommend wearing sandals there because the ground there is rough .

    About tips , I think you should tip with dollars or Egyptian pounds . They are the best currencies to tip with .

    Good luck 🙂

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