Hi all. I am thinking of going on holiday to Egypt‘s med coast this year, however after doing some internet research it seems the resorts there get very crowded during the Egyptian school and university holidays – we made this mistake last year in Turkey and don’t want to make it again as everywhere was very crowded! We were thinking of going around the middle of May for a week. So my question is, does anyone know when schools and universities have their school holidays in Egypt??
Also, has anyone been to the Jaz Crystal in Mersa Matruh (sp?), as all the online reviews seem to be in Italian so I can’t read them!
Thank you, Becca x

school holidays in Egypt?

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  • September 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    you’re safe till pretty much june because that is when schools ends and summer vacations start.
    and even then the coasts don’t start getting really crowded till august cause that is the month when even working people take a few days of to go to the beach.

    i haven’t really heard about Jaz Crystal but mersa matruh i heard before is great

    if you want to go to great beaches in egypt i’d suggest ‘Sharm el Sheikh’ (great night life option), ‘Hurghada’, ‘Dahab’, or ‘Ras Mohamed’ (great snorkeling and diving) but they are all at the red sea.

    most of the north coast west of Alexandria is also great but it’s the vacationing place for most of the locals so starting july it starts getting crowded ( plus the weather in egypt is really tricky – changes a lot- till june), but if you’re gonna go there you should try ‘marina’. its a very famous resort there with many man made lakes and shores over looking the med coast.

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