I was hoping to go diving in the Red Sea, but I’m not sure where, or at what price, though I’m considering a dive at Dahab. My experience is limited to the six dives I took whilst attaining my open-water course last month, so I’m not after anything too advanced, nor anything too expensive. That said, I’d be willing to sacrifice some money on a couple of extra dives or a live aboard boat trip thingy if it’s worthwhile – why value something as common as money over an experience that may only happen once? But I’m after a good dive, not a fancy resort with lots of fancy facilites, so if you’re kind enough to answer this question and reccomend me the best deals to be had along the red sea,, I must say that the dive itself and the location’s accessibility are the only factors I will bother to consider.


Where are some good spots for diving along the Red Sea (Egypt)?
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  • November 11, 2010 at 5:27 am

    Dahab is a good place and cheap not that Expansive you will enjoy it.

    First you have to know that you must hire a Dive Master from Local Divers even if you have your Dive Buddy with you this is the regulation of the area.

    and as an Open Water you are limited to 18 metres/60 feet if you want to enjoy more i would recommend if you can run for Advanced Open Water in Dahab.

    Diving Sites: "More than 30 Dive Site"

    1. Blue Hole – El Bells -Best*****
    2. Rick’s Reef
    3. The Canyon-Best*****
    4. Ras Abu Helal
    5. Eel Garden
    6. The Lighthouse
    7. Masbat
    8. The Islands
    9. Golden Blocks
    10. Moray Gardens
    11. Three Pools -Best
    12. Umm Sid -Best

    One day Camel dive safari "Ras Abu Galum" -Best *****
    One day Camel dive safari "Gabr El Bint"

    Prices depend on the Diving Center i would recomend:

    Orca Dive Center

    Sinai Divers

    DiveIN Center

    Emperor Divers

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